3 smart reasons to live with roommates — even when you don’t have to

December 9, 2016
Brick Underground

For many New Yorkers, living alone can seem like the ultimate luxury. But what if you get there and realize it’s not quite for you? Whether you’re a person who just prefers to have someone else around, or you’re looking to live in a better neighborhood or apartment than you can afford alone, in New York, roommating can be a very adult prospect. The Girls do it. The Friends did it. You can do it too.


That’s why many New Yorkers extend their apartment-sharing lives well into adulthood – even when they can afford to rent solo. Whether its for social reasons or financial ones, in lots of apartments here in the city, renters share a two-bedroom with a friend, or look for a larger apartment with a dining alcove or oversized living room that can be partitioned off to create an extra bedroom, making space for a roommate … or two.


“We see groups all the time who want to trade up to a luxury lifestyle like Gotham West but can’t quite afford it on their own,” says Liza Levine, leasing director at Gotham West.  “Sometimes it’s two people, and splitting the two-bedroom rent works nicely. Sometimes there are two or three people with a friend who might not earn quite as much, and they are looking for a great flex layout, where they can use a bookcase or temporary wall to create privacy for an additional bedroom, and prorate the rent accordingly.”



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