September 6, 2017
Gotham West Market

The best new pizzeria in New York is Corner Slice at Gotham West Market.


The best new pizzeria in New York does not command a two-hour wait in the West Village. It does not take advance bookings via a mobile app. It does not sell limited availability burgers . It does not decorate its space with magnums of Krug Champagne. It does not have a credit card-only policy: That crumpled up five-dollar bill in your pocket is good here for a meal.


New Yorkers lend dogs, cats a paw in finding a home

September 1, 2017

New Yorkers celebrated National Dog Day in Manhattan by bringing home furry friends of their own. Gotham West, the luxury residential building, worked with the North Shore Animal League America to bring 20 dogs and cats so people could adopt them on the spot.


Residents gave two paws up to the building for being so pet-friendly.


Broadway Musicians in a Hell’s Kitchen Studio

March 31, 2017
New York Times

Deborah and Michael, both Broadway musicians, describe why Gotham West is the perfect home in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen.


For most couples, moving in together doesn’t mean living apart. But for the Broadway musicians Deborah Avery and Michael Borth, who had love as well as the vagaries of the New York rental market to consider, a Hell’s Kitchen studio made perfect sense — even though they have yet to be in the same city together for more than three weeks at a time.

3 smart reasons to live with roommates — even when you don’t have to

December 9, 2016
Brick Underground

For many New Yorkers, living alone can seem like the ultimate luxury. But what if you get there and realize it’s not quite for you? Whether you’re a person who just prefers to have someone else around, or you’re looking to live in a better neighborhood or apartment than you can afford alone, in New York, roommating can be a very adult prospect. The Girls do it. The Friends did it. You can do it too.

New York City Restaurants: 11 Late-Night Dining Spots To Try Now

April 28, 2015
Fashion Times

Located on the ground floor of the luxury Midtown apartment rentals of Gotham West, Gotham Market is home to numerous artisan vendors and restaurants with exclusive late-night menus available only during their extended hours. From chicken and waffles to pork ramen, the available offerings at Gotham Market are tailored to satisfy just about every palate and craving of late-night New York epicureans.

Gotham West releases The Collection, luxury residences with exclusive services

April 24, 2015

Although lavish features are expected from luxury high-rise developments in New York City, the Midtown apartment rentals at Gotham West are redefining the term “amenities.” The development has curated what it calls The Collection, residences set aside to include specialized services unlike any other.

These Pricey, Pint-Sized Rentals Come With Extravagant Extras

February 26, 2015

Gotham West is home to 554 rental units as well as some of the most extravagant features in the city. These Midtown apartments for rent are not only custom decorated, but coexist with amenities that are “nothing short of impressive.”

New York Magazine Introduces the Collection at Gotham West

February 9, 2015

The Midtown West luxury rentals in Hell’s Kitchen at Gotham West, “Manhattan’s most exciting luxury residential oasis,” boast features that include “honed absolute granite countertops, wide-plank flooring,” and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Attracting Families with Amenities Aimed at the Youngest Tenants

January 10, 2015
Epoch Times

Children’s playrooms, an “increasingly popular amenity with developers over the last decade,” have become a feature families look for in new developments. Those who live in the Midtown West luxury rentals at Gotham West enjoy access to a fully-loaded children’s playroom for kids of all ages.