September 6, 2017
Gotham West Market

The best new pizzeria in New York is Corner Slice at Gotham West Market.


The best new pizzeria in New York does not command a two-hour wait in the West Village. It does not take advance bookings via a mobile app. It does not sell limited availability burgers . It does not decorate its space with magnums of Krug Champagne. It does not have a credit card-only policy: That crumpled up five-dollar bill in your pocket is good here for a meal.


New Yorkers lend dogs, cats a paw in finding a home

September 1, 2017

New Yorkers celebrated National Dog Day in Manhattan by bringing home furry friends of their own. Gotham West, the luxury residential building, worked with the North Shore Animal League America to bring 20 dogs and cats so people could adopt them on the spot.


Residents gave two paws up to the building for being so pet-friendly.