Sundays in Hell’s Kitchen

August 30, 2016

Sundays have the well-deserved reputation as the best time to unwind and recharge for the week ahead. At your Midtown West luxury rentals, you could easily stay in and lounge in the private landscaped courtyard or work up a sweat in the cycling and yoga studio. While the Gotham West apartments are ideal for the homebody, you don’t want to forget that you’re in the center of one of NYC’s liveliest neighborhoods. With the city at your feet, why not go out, explore, and create a perfect Sunday in Hell’s Kitchen?

Summer Cocktails at Gotham West

August 26, 2016

When Chris Jaskiewicz, the executive in charge of developing Gotham West Market, began to assemble the stellar culinary lineup that went on to become the most innovative food destination in Hell’s Kitchen, he and his team “saw it as almost a renaissance of food as theater,” Jaskiewicz told Bon Appétit. Occupying the ground floor of the Gotham West Apartments, the market is immediately accessible to residents of Gotham West’s luxury rentals in Midtown West throughout the day and night. There is no better place to enjoy a convivial lunch or grab a cooling drink on a summer night than this game-changing space, whose sights, and the geographically diverse beer and wine lists, are as captivating as the food.