Hosting at the Gotham West Market

December 27, 2016

What sets apart a good host from a great host? Like everything else in New York, it’s location, location, location. Your guests will be impressed with a gathering in your well-appointed apartment at Gotham West in Hell’s Kitchen. But to up the ante for your next hosting undertaking, take advantage of the Gotham West Market, the on-site food hall on the ground floor of the Gotham West Apartments; the Market’s private hosting space; and, of course, its bevy of food and drink options.

3 smart reasons to live with roommates — even when you don’t have to

December 9, 2016
Brick Underground

For many New Yorkers, living alone can seem like the ultimate luxury. But what if you get there and realize it’s not quite for you? Whether you’re a person who just prefers to have someone else around, or you’re looking to live in a better neighborhood or apartment than you can afford alone, in New York, roommating can be a very adult prospect. The Girls do it. The Friends did it. You can do it too.

Gotham West and Hell’s Kitchen: A Home for All Seasons

December 6, 2016

Just to the west of the frenetic lights of Times Square and Broadway lie the mellow confines of Hell’s Kitchen. Uniquely local in its texture, but pleasantly tony in its rich offerings of cuisine and culture, the neighborhood provides a respite from the heavily beaten path of Midtown’s 24-hour glitz. While you’ll find that your luxury oasis at the Gotham West apartments in Hell’s Kitchen situates you in unique proximity to the art galleries of Chelsea to the south, Broadway and the theater district to the east, and the Upper West Side museums and classical music venues to the north, the true value of these Midtown West luxury rentals is found in the immediate neighborhood. Hell’s Kitchen offers the best of New York, in every season, right in your own backyard.